A frameless showerscreen is the ultimate statement of luxury in any bathroom. With elegant simplicity, a  Frameless showerscreen will offer a spacious, beautiful look that cannot be matched for performance or style.

Our Frameless showerscreen range offers you unlimited design choice with both standard and custom styles available. Depending on your design and operating requirements, our Frameless showerscreens can be fixed into place with either clip or channel fixing.

Semi Frameless


A semi-frameless shower screen is usually framed around its main perimeter, but not around the door, giving you clean, clear lines without interfering with your view.


Many of our clients prefer a semi-frameless shower screen, because it is more cost effective than a frameless one, while still providing you with the same look and offering the ultimate in custom design flexibility

The slim perimeter frame creates no hidden corners, making it easy to clean and maintain.




A fully framed shower screen is perfect  if you prefer the look of a clearly defined shower recess.


Available in a range of standard frame colours and glass types, it can be fitted to all new and most existing bathrooms, providing you with an easy to clean, low maintenance design